Welcome to FAUCH

a family office with a new approach

Dear entrepreneurs and families

Transferring wealth to the next generation
is first and foremost an emotional challenge

Be sure to do the emotional groundwork for this.

Explore your family history. Include your family members. Join together with other family members to work through the emotions, positions, traditions, values, expectations and stories within the family and of individual family members.

Create a clear understanding among your family members.


How can FAUCH help?

The issues

  • Long term succession planning for the preservation and transfer of personal and entrepreneurial family assets: management of emotional aspects through family constitutions and other tools
  • Addressing acute disputes over succession issues among family members: conflict management and conflict resolution

The offering

  • Development of family constitutions for the family and with the family members
  • Mediation/moderation in acute conflict situations within the family or with third parties
  • Support, advocacy and safeguarding the interests of individual clients/families/family offices
  • Coordination and communication with service providers (banks, fiduciaries, lawyers, trustees/board members)

Good to know

  • FAUCH LLC is 100% owned by the Rockstroh family from Rüschlikon/Switzerland
  • Dr. Christian Rockstroh has 25 years of experience in long-term succession planning and the organisation of major family assets
  • FAUCH works as a virtual family office and aligns its services to the specific needs and issues of the clients