Benefits of Atelier FAUCH.

Atelier FAUCH is a service provided by FAUCH LLC, a Swiss company that is 100% owned by Christian Rockstroh.

Atelier FAUCH charges are based on time spent or fixed fees. Atelier FAUCH is lean. It does not have any unnecessary infrastructure or other overheads.

Completely independent.
As an owner-led company, Atelier FAUCH is independent from banks, asset managers, law firms and trust companies, etc.

Free from conflicts of interest.
Atelier FAUCH does not manage any assets and does not make investment proposals. These services are provided by banks or asset management specialists.

Relationship-focused, not structure-focused.
Atelier FAUCH is virtual. With Atelier FAUCH, clients establish a relationship that focuses on the dynamics of the family involved and not on the organisational structures of the consulting company.

Our clients decide which of Atelier FAUCH’s services they want to use, from specific advice or support for setting up family constitutions or coordinating external service providers, to conflict prevention and resolution skills.

Dr. Christian Rockstroh
Advisor + Mediator