Conflict management in acute cases

Conflict is everywhere. In most cases, it resolves itself or is resolved by the people affected. 

Conflict is destructive – it destroys existing structures.

Conflict is productive – it creates space for the new.

But when it comes to the family and

money – power – love

things can look quite different. Conflict can lead to pain, and old family resentments can be dredged up, accompanied by mistrust, disappointment, low self-confidence, long pent-up emotions and much more.

Family conflicts are about people, not things.

  • If family conflicts are not resolved in the long term, the worst-case scenario is that the family and thus the wealth earned over generations will be destroyed.
  • In the next-to-worst case, the family will meet in court. The result may be that, after a long legal dispute, assets will be shunted between family members while the underlying family conflicts remain unresolved and continue to fester in the family. Until the next fight…
  • In the best-case scenario, acute or prolonged family conflicts can be resolved out of court, with the help of mediators, facilitators, coaches or other trained and experienced professionals.

Out-of-court dispute resolution is always faster, cheaper and much more effective than any lawsuit.

FAUCH: Almost all conflicts can be resolved. For the long term.
As a mediator, moderator and coach, FAUCH can assist you and your family through this process.