Family constitutions by FAUCH

The long and winding road…

  • Get to know your family’s goals, values and various roles. Find out where there is agreement and where there are different views.
  • Go into the detail, so you and all your family members can really understand how your family ticks.
  • Take advantage of the many talents that you have within your family.
  • Take a deep dive!
  • Create understanding and trust among your family members and let yourself be surprised along the way.
  • Master each and every challenge that comes with long-term responsibility for your family and your family’s assets.

A written family constitution can be helpful. It defines goals, values, roles and expectations within the family and between the family and any companies. It is not legally binding, but morally it forms a tremendous obligation. And it is extremely effective, as it is jointly drafted, revised and put into practice by everyone concerned. No-one is going it alone!

Family constitutions are effective

Do we really need a family constitution?

Do we need a family council?

And a family gathering with all the family members?

Do I really need a family office?

Or perhaps you need something completely different…

Why not find out? FAUCH, helps you to build and maintain stable, long-term, appreciative and dynamic family relationships.