Advice and consulting
on the transfer of wealth between generations

Dr. Christian Rockstroh, FAUCH GmbH:

“In my 25 years as an architect and advisor regarding legal structures for wealthy families, the focus has primarily been on the organisation of estate succession, and the protection of family assets from access by third parties.

In my work, again and again I have closely supported families on their journeys along particular routes. As long as the family structures and the required legal structures remained calm, only limited support was needed from me. However, in times of anticipated or sudden changes in the family or in the families’ legal or tax situation, some families wanted an experienced consultant and companion to provide them with independent assistance. Not as a specialist, but as a person of confidence.

These situations might include:

  • Sudden changes: accident, illness, death of family members.
  • Changes to family dynamics: relocation of the younger generation abroad, along with the legal and tax consequences of this; divorce and remarriage.
  • Special needs of individual family members: special physical, mental or emotional challenges for family members, including disability or addiction.
  • Special family interests: private charitable work, public engagement, intergenerational events.

In these cases, I work with families, either personally or through FAUCH GmbH, as a consultant, advisor, protector, member of the board of trustees, etc. These engagements can be for a short period of time or long-term, depending on the individual family‚Äôs requirements.”